How does it work?

Step 1
The Brewery receives your order in the back office of the webshop.


Step 2
We start with the basic tea. You can choose from 5 different types of tea. There is approximately 60 g of tea in one blend. The white tea is much lighter and larger in volume, so there is slightly less in one package.


Step 3

The tea is carefully weighed.


Step 4
We add the flavors of your choice! All herbs, flowers and spices are purely natural, natural aromas have been added to the fruit combinations. All flavors are stored in preserving jars! So that they stay fresh for a very long time.


Step 5
We mix the tea carefully. A Green tea blend with Jasmine and Mint looks like this.


Step 6
We pack the tea in the packaging of your choice. You can choose a bag that fits through the letterbox (shipping costs € 2.95) or a gift tin. The gift tin is extra fun to give as a gift!

Step 7
We write the name you made up on the label. This makes your tea even more fun and personal!

Step 8
We stick the label on the packaging!

Step 9
We print the ingredients on a label and stick it on the bottom of the package!


Step 10

Gift? We are happy to pack the tea festively for you! Choose the Send in gift wrapping option. Enter your message on the gift card during the ordering process and we will ensure that the package is delivered to the address of your choice.

Step 11
The package is carefully packed.

Step 12
The package will be shipped with Post NL! The shipping costs are €6.95 for a gift tin and €2.95 for a letterbox bag.

Step 13
We are not there! That is the moment when you can enjoy your tea!

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