Tea Types

[Black tea]
Assam Thowra is a powerful black tea from the autumn rain and is delicious with breakfast. This tea has a rounded, powerful yet soft taste. The tea has a robust Assam character. Black tea is delicious with fruit and spices. For example, add apple and cinnamon or red fruits. Black tea is the easiest to brew, the ideal temperature for the tea water is 90 to 95 degrees. Let the tea steep for about 3 to 4 minutes for the best flavor.


Oolong means “black dragon” and is a semi-fermented tea. The tea is light in color and has a soft, nutty taste. In terms of oxidation, oolong falls somewhere between black and green tea. The dried tea leaves are black and thread-like. Pour the tea with water at 85°C and let the tea steep for about 4 minutes. Oolong contains little caffeine and does not become bitter.

[Green tea]

China Chun Mee is one of the most common types of green tea. The tea is fragrant, slightly spicy and powerful at the same time. The tea is wonderfully relaxing in the afternoon. Green tea is not fermented tea and therefore retains its green color. Green tea cannot withstand boiling water, which makes it bitter. First let the water cool to about 70-80 degrees, this takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Do not let the tea steep for too long, 3 minutes is long enough. Green tea combines well with mint or verveine. Or try it with Jasmijn.

[White tea]

China Bai Mu Tan Superior is a white tea. White tea is not yet fully grown leaf tips and buds picked in the spring. This makes this tea very exclusive. The tea is mild and fragrant and is free of tannic acid and low in caffeine. This makes this tea wonderfully relaxing in the evening. White tea is not fermented and therefore retains its light color. White tea is best at 70 degrees. Then let the tea steep for 8 to 10 minutes. Try this white tea with lavender or choose a combination of tropical fruits.

[Pu Erh]

Pu Erh is a black health tea from China. This tea is very popular because of its slimming effects, it also promotes the breakdown of alcohol and lowers your cholesterol (with 3 cups per day). Pu Erh has a sweet and earthy taste. This diet tea works best at a water temperature of 85°C. Let the tea steep for about 4 minutes. Pu Erh is also called red tea in China.

[Herbal tea]

Herbal blend is an ideal basis for a wonderfully fragrant herbal tea with a soft and slightly sweet taste. Nice and refreshing in the middle of the day! The blend consists of lemon balm leaf, raspberry leaf, lemongrass and hops. Add what you like. You can make herbal tea from just boiled water at a temperature of 100 degrees. Let the herb blend steep for about 3 – 5 minutes.

[Earl Grey]

Earl Gray has a delicious bergamot flavor. A true Earl Gray lover will love this tea. Furthermore, the Earl Gray consists of black tea with a natural aroma and is milder than the India Assam. Drink it with breakfast or in the afternoon with some lavender or lemongrass. You can make the tea with just boiled water and you only have to let it steep for 3 to 4 minutes.


Rooibos are needle-shaped leaves from a South African shrub. Rooibos is wonderfully fresh and soft and is low in tannic acid and caffeine free. This makes this tea very suitable for the evening, it will help you sleep well. Rooibos tea can be made from just boiled water at a temperature of 100 degrees. Let the Rooibos steep for about 3 – 5 minutes. Rooibos contains a lot of vitamin C and is very tasty in combination with cinnamon and apple. Or make a spicy version with licorice.

For most tea, 1gr. per part. For a one liter pot of tea, use about 10gr.


Dried apple, nice and fresh and sweet at the same time. Try it in a black tea with cinnamon. Reminds you of apple pie.

The pomegranate gives a delicious taste to your tea and smells great. It is a mix of apple, pomegranate blossom with a natural aroma, red berries. Does very well in green tea!

Tropical fruit
A sun in a cup. A delicious fruit mix with pieces of pineapple, papaya, mango & melon, pieces of apple, hibiscus blossom, rose hip peels, sugar, citric acid, sulphite and natural aroma.

Goji berries
Goji berries are fresh and sour berries. Try them in black tea with a hint of star anise. The berries are also very healthy.

A touch of coconut immediately gives you that exotic feeling. Delicious in a black tea with tropical fruit. Or try the coconut together with the pina colada in your favorite tea.

Dried lime has a fresh, sweet and sour taste. Lime is very tasty in combination with orange in a green tea. Make it into a delicious iced tea and you have a delicious summer drink.

Pina colada
A cocktail, but without alcohol. This flavor contains hibiscus blossom, apple, rosehip, pineapple, sugar, citric acid, coconut flakes and natural aroma. Delicious with black tea, or make a delicious iced tea on hot days.

Dried orange peel is nice and spicy with cinnamon in a black tea. It has a warm and full taste and is heart-warming on a cold day. Add mint for a summer surprise!

Tasty fresh lemon peels for a delicious summer tea with verveine and mint. Or make an autumn blend with orange and heather.

Red fruits
A mixture of the tastiest red fruits: elderberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, grapes, hibiscus, aroma. Fresh and sweet at the same time. Delicious in a black tea with a little mint or cinnamon.

Forest fruits
A delicious fruit blend with a special taste. This flavor contains hibiscus blossom, rosehip, apple, elderberry, blueberry, blackberry leaves, strawberry leaves and natural aroma. Try it in a black tea with some pink peppercorns for some extra spice.[/wptab]

Nettle is very healthy because of its cleansing effect. Add nettle to the pure herbal blend and you have a tasty and healthy herbal blend. That cheers you up!

Heather is fragrant and a real seasoning in your tea. Combine heather with goji berries and jasmine in a black tea. With this herb you will feel like you are in the middle of nature!

Do you like fresh flavors? Then add lemongrass to your tea! The dried herb goes very well with green tea and a touch of verveine. Or make it a tropical surprise with orange.

Lavender is fragrant and spicy. Lavender is delicious in white tea, but also combines well with black tea. Nice and relaxing at the end of the day.

Moroccan mint is wonderfully fresh in green tea. Add some honey yourself for the finishing touch. Mint also combines well with a number of fruits such as lemon.

Verveine has a citrus-like taste and comes from the Lemon Verbena (plant). Verveine is delicious in a white or green tea with mint and mango. Nice and refreshing on a sunny day.

Chai is an Indian spice mixture consisting of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and pepper. Add this to a black tea and then add hot milk and honey for a delicious Chai Latte.

Star anise
Star anise is not only beautiful to look at, it also smells wonderful. Star anise combines well with other spices such as fennel seed and licorice. Try these spices in a black tea and you have a delicious herbal blend.

Fennel seed
Fennel seed has a licorice-like taste. It is spicy and a good friend of star anise, cinnamon and licorice. Add these spices to black tea for a delicious herbal blend.

Licorice has a spicy taste. Licorice is a good friend of fennel seeds and star anise. Add these spices to a black tea and you have a delicious herbal blend.

Cinnamon and tea are like Ying and Yang, they belong together. Nice and spicy in combination with star anise and licorice. Or add some orange for a tasty winter blend.

Ginger has a spicy but fresh taste. Ginger tastes amazing in combination with lemon. Or make it a spicy blend with chai.

Pink pepperberry
Spice up your life. These pepper berries have a mildly sweet taste with a spicy edge. Delicious with fruit for a little extra spice.

The hibiscus is a beautiful flower. Dried it is a true taste sensation for tea. It has a deep red color and a fresh, sour taste. Try it in a black tea.

Chamomile blossom is floral and light in taste. Try it with mint and lemon in a green tea. A nice light tea to dream away for a while.

The fragrant flowers are a true taste experience in your tea. Floral and soft. Very tasty in combination with green tea.

Rose petal
The blossom of the rose has a wonderful floral scent and taste. Rose leaf combines well with jasmine in a white tea. Nice and mild and floral. That will cheer you up!

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