Discover the Tea Brewer within yourself!

The Tea Brewery is all about tea and especially putting together your own tea blend. Under the motto: Discover the tea brewer within yourself, we give our customers the opportunity to create their own favorite blend in 4 simple steps. Merge the flavors you like.


I can already hear you thinking; Why would I want that with all the different tea blends already available? And you’re right! There are so many flavors that it is quite difficult to choose. From simple blends such as green tea with lemon to complex blends with I don’t know how many ingredients, the choice is enormous. Yet at the Tea Brewery we are convinced that it is more than worth it to mix your own tea. And for the following reasons.

Tastes differ!

Tastes are extremely personal. What someone else likes may not be drinkable for you. The ultimate universal tasty tea does not exist. You know yourself best! And no one knows what you like better than yourself! By putting together your own tea, you can put your own spin on a blend to create a tea that is perfect for you!


We have already mentioned it, there are many tea flavors available. But what if you were allowed/could come up with combinations yourself? What would be the ultimate combination for you? Or have you ever tasted a blend and said: This is delicious, but could it have had a little more or less of a certain flavor? Add it or leave it out. It may also be that you have already tasted a flavor combination that you would like to try in another basic tea. I would say: Go for it!

Flavorings & aromas

What I think is a shame is that many of the teas (that you find in the supermarket) contain added flavorings or aromas. This is often done to bring out flavors better. For me personally, that is not real tea. Real tea has a huge amount of flavor profiles that don’t need anything to deliver their full flavors, except water 😉

Compose yourself

By putting together your own blend, YOU have the say. You know what’s in it because you decided which type(s) of tea and additional flavors you wanted to combine. Nothing else!! No unnecessary ingredients, no added flavorings, just the flavors you choose to enrich your tea.


In my humble opinion, you can get a lot of satisfaction out of coming up with a tea blend yourself. The moment you taste the tea and it is exactly what you had in mind is simply enjoyable! I can appreciate tea and the tea moment itself more when I have unleashed my own creativity and mixed my own tea blend.

And you? Have you ever mixed your own tea blend? What is your favorite combination?

Discover the tea brewer within yourself in our Brewery

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