Mojito Ice Tea

88 Food has another delicious recipe with our tea, this time it is the Mojito ice tea!Made with our green tea and mint. Ideal for the nice weather and it also looks lovely. Only this weekend you can participate in their competition where you can win an ice tea package from us and a new water jug […]

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Earl Gray Muffins

Earl Gray Muffins are delicious with tea. The recipe was made by 88 Food and is available with beautiful photos on their food blog.They will more often make recipes using our tea. For these muffins they used our delicious loose Earl Gray tea leaves that provide a beautiful flavor to the cake! They also made the muffin tins

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Summer Vibes

I’m actually on holiday now, but I can’t resist working for the online store. Are you enjoying your holiday? Certainly! When you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work. For me, it’s already a holiday if I can just take it easy, take the day as it comes and not have to be at work on time

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Chai Tea Latte

What is a Chai tea? Autumn has arrived and Chai Teas or Chai Lattes are literally flying around your ears, but what exactly is Chai tea? Chai actually just means tea and tea, well you were probably already aware of that. Chai tea is actually ‘tea tea’, but let’s face it, that doesn’t sound sexy at all.

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